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Ikọ is a podcast conceived by artist Otobong Nkanga and curator Sandrine Honliasso in the framework of Nkanga's ongoing work Carved to Flow, started in 2017 and acting as a support structure for initiatives engaged in nurturing social, cultural and economic life in distant and connected geographies.

Ikọ is thought as an elastic space that stretches towards multiple geographies, encompasses distinct fields of study and relate heterogenous practices to arouse new readings and modes of creating meanings, relations and goods. Bringing together a wide range of voices intermingling with various audio proposal, Ik seeks to expand approaches to contemporary cultural and artistic practices and to allow a plurality of voices to be heard.


Founders: Otobong Nkanga, Sandrine Honliasso

Curator: Sandrine Honliasso

Sound designer: Giocomo Turra

Graphic designer: Antonin Faurel

Sound editor: Octave Broutard

Website editor: JTH

Ikọ podcast is co-produced and supported by Kunsten Festival des Arts and Carved to Flow.

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